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Выпускник акселератора HaxAsia стал победителем Global Grand Challenge Awards

"The companies featured here are capable of positively impacting humanity on a global scale.."

Компания Smartstones, выпускник бизнес-акселератора HaxAsia, стала победителем Global Grand Challenge Awards в номинации Learning.

Smartstones о себе: "We are "Democratizing Voice" for 370 million people who can't speak, who are connected to 3 billion who desire to see them thrive. These 370 million people are nonverbal, yet have private social networks of 10 or more people".

Учредителем премии Global Grand Challenge Awards является Singularity University:

"..At Singularity University, we believe that leveraging the convergence of exponential technologies will advance us along the path to solving our Global Grand Challenges (GGCs).."


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