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Venture capital

We are looking for smart money, creative and inspired people

SpinUp Partners Ltd - a venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies with strong teams and clear global potential.

Fundraising is still ongoing. We are looking for smart money, creative and inspired people. You can write to for additional information.

We search for the innovation companies with potential for high growth and high impact, providing them opportunities to accelerate their growth and succeed in the global market.

Projects selection criteria:

  • Presence of a strong team with a growth potential (having the spirit of enterprisers);
  • Positive reputation of the team members and absence of internal conflicts;
  • Large (rapidly growing) volume of the market, scaling option and entrance to the international market;
  • Being in clearway of the stable technological trends;
  • Uniqueness of the product/idea and technical feasibility;
  • Resolution of the target market's problem;
  • Availability of obvious competitive advantages of the project;
  • Optimal business model and clear understanding of monetization alternatives (a way for them to gain the revenues);
  • Availability of (or option for) the intellectual property protection;
  • Investment attractiveness (opportunity for an exponential growth of capitalization).

Areas of investment focus: Internet & Mobile, Internet of things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Consumer Electronics.

Targeting: Russia, Asia, USA, Europe. SpinUp Partners Ltd is ready to co-invest with other venture funds and business angels.

Address in Singapore: 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Maxwell House, Singapore (069113)
Phones: +7-916-665-78-41, +7-909-646-54-41

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