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Portfolio leaders

Portfolio leaders: multiple growth of valuation - from 3 to 20 times

50+ startups from Singapore, India, China, USA, Australia, Russia and other countries - in our investment portfolio.

Our portfolio leaders - winners of many international awards: Edison Awards™TechCrunchBIG Innovation AwardGlobal Grand Challenge AwardsThe Roddenberry Prize and others.

More than 20 portfolio companies have closed the next investment rounds with multiple growth of valuation (from 3 to 20 times).

Top 15+ companies from the portfolio.


Digify (Singapore) - confidential file sharing service, trusted by 50 000+ professionals in 130+ countries.

Mission impossible style: track, unsend and self-destruct attachments.

Winner of many international awards.

Digify - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014B batch.


CreoPop (Singapore, Russia) - the world's first 3D pen with cool ink (elastic, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, body paint and others).

Unlike other 3D pens there are no hot parts or melting plastic.

You can buy CreoPop at the global retailers: Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes&Noble, Michaels, Amazon and others.

CreoPop - alumnus of hardware-related accelerator HaxAsia.


Greyloft (Singapore) - real estate agency for the digital era.

Company has raised a USD 1.1M seed round.

Singapore property - make yourself at home.

Greyloft - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014A batch.


Appknox (Singapore, India) - cloud-based mobile security solution for businesses and app developers.

Appknox detects & addresses vulnerabilities in mobile apps within minutes.

Company has raised a USD 640K pre-Series A round.

Appknox - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014A batch.


Glints (Singapore) - explore jobs. internships, courses and other opportunities.

"Our goal is to become the number one youth career platform in Asia".

Company has raised a USD $2M Series A round

Glints - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014A batch.


DataStreamX (Singapore) - the global marketplace for commercial data.

Real-time data streams from IoT, M2M and Big Data applications.

Company has raised a USD 368K pre-series A round.

DataStreamX - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014B batch.


Nodis (Singapore) is developing a novel display technology called Dipole Nano-Particle (DNP) for low-power, video-capable transparent displays. 

DNP technology combines glass-like clarity, high contast ratio and fast response.

Nodis color smart glass technology will be applied in the smart homes, architecture, interior design, automotive, etc.


PowerDot (Singapore) - the world's first connected wearable sports muscle stimulator.

Work out from your phone. 14 muscle groups. You can buy PowerDot in 20+ countries.

Company has finished successful crowdfunding campaign.

PowerDot - alumnus of hardware-related accelerator HaxAsia


BoxGreen (Singapore) - promote healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthy snacks straight to your hands.

"We experiment a lot and have algorithms to tell us more about our customers".

Company has raised a USD 335K seed round. 

BoxGreen - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2015A batch.


Fynd (Singapore) provides on demand smartphones and tablets repair at your doorstep.

“Uber for gadget repairs”. Offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta.

Cmpany has raised a USD 368K pre-series A round.

 Fynd - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2015B batch.


Glance Clock (Singapore, USA) - smart wall clock that automagically shows you the right information at the right moment.

"See what you need, when you need it".

Company has finished successful crowdfunding campaign.

Glance Clockalumnus of hardware-related accelerator HaxAsia.


Smartstones (USA) - "Skype for 370 million people who can't talk".

Winner of many international awards: Edison AwardsGlobal Grand Challenge AwardsThe Roddenberry Prize

Smartstones alumnus of hardware-related accelerator HaxAsia.


TouchJet (China) - maker of the touchscreen smart projector and touchscreen smart TV.

Winner of many international awardsEdison Awards™TechCrunchBIG Innovation Award.

Company has finished two successful crowdfunding campaigns: TouchJet Pond and TouchJet WAVE.

TouchJet - alumnus of hardware-related accelerator HaxAsia



KallflyOn-Demand virtual Contact Center marketplace, connecting businesses with experienced home-based call center agents.

3M+ phone calls made. 5 000+ agents ready to work.

KallflyJFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014A batch and resident of Blue Startups business-accelerator.



QLC - provides scalable access to digital work experience anywhere in the world.

What matters is experience. "Try-Before-You-Buy your next career move"

QLC - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014B batch.



Roomfilla - full-service vacation rental manager: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia.

"Your Property Everywhere. Leave it to the Vacation Rental Experts"

Roomfilla - JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2015B batch.



Silent Eight - developer of Artificial Intelligence - powered solutions for customer screening and transaction monitoring. 

Silent Eight - Singapore based RegTech firm, JFDI.Asia alumnus from 2014B batch.

Address in Singapore: 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Maxwell House, Singapore (069113)
Phones: +7-916-665-78-41, +7-909-646-54-41

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