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The launch of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory "f(AI)nder"

"Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity" — Andrew Ng

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory "f(AI)nder" - an AI project supported by SpinUp Venture.

More than 7 years of active experience has allowed us to accumulate a professional community of partners, innovative teams, and experts.

The laboratory "f(AI)nder" brings together our expertise and capabilities and will be focused on the commercialization of AI technologies.

The key activities of the laboratory "f(AI)nder" are:

  • AI-upgrade for technological start-ups
  • Customized development of AI-solutions 
  • R&D in the field of AI-technologies

The main focus areas of the laboratory "f(AI)nder" include AI applications in energy, agriculture, smart cities, smart transport, healthcare, and scientific research.

The laboratory "f(AI)nder" herewith invites open professional cooperation with all those interested in fully realizing the commercial potential of AI technologies.

Address in Singapore: 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Maxwell House, Singapore (069113)
Phones: +7-916-665-78-41, +7-909-646-54-41

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