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Nodis - novel technologies for transparent displays and color smart glass

In recent years there is a growing demand for smart glass

Nodis Pte. Ltd. has recently developed a new technology of electronically switchable color smart ink. Such a color smart ink could be made of virtually any color.

This technology will open up a whole new market of color smart glass for comfort, architectural solutions, interior design and many others. It could also be used in variable transparency color filters, sun glasses, etc. Existing smart glass technologies do not have color capability and Nodis is the first to provide this option.

In addition, new technology can control passing infrared radiation from sunlight, blocking it more than 10 times in its OFF state. Combination of color feature, IR control capabilities, fast switching times is very unique and provides an advantage over all existing smart technologies.

Nodis is a Singapore company, incubated by Get2Volume and funded by National Research Foundation of Singapore.


Address in Singapore: 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Maxwell House, Singapore (069113)
Phones: +7-916-665-78-41, +7-909-646-54-41

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