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01-02-19 AI-digest f(AI)nder View January

The next issue of our monthly digest in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. The partner of the issue is Quadrant, a platform for Big Data professionals.

11-11-18 AI Conference: 22 November, 2018, Moscow

The third international exhibition-conference devoted to application of AI in business: artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, chatbots, AI & RPA

01-06-18 The launch of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory "f(AI)nder"

The laboratory "f(AI)nder" invites open professional cooperation with all those interested in fully realizing the commercial potential of AI technologies

04-07-17 Nodis - novel technologies for transparent displays and color smart glass

Nodis is funded by National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore. Combination of color feature, IR control capabilities and fast switching times is very unique and provides an advantage over all existing smart technologies.

10-02-17 Smartstones wins "The Roddenberry Prize"

Smartstones, alumnus of HaxAsia accelerator, wins Innovation Award from "The Roddenberry Prize"

25-01-17 CreoPop + Australian 3D printer company 333D = new category of 3D printer

3D pen manufacturer CreoPop and Australian 3D printer company 333D are planning to co-develop a new 3D printer that utilizes CreoPop’s innovative and numerous photopolymer resin materials.

01-11-16 Glance Clock has finished a successful crowdfunding campaign

Glance Clock has raised USD 450K on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

05-12-16 Singapore marketplace scores funding to buy and sell real-time data

DatastreamX, a Singapore-based online marketplace for buying and selling real-time data, has scored pre-series A funding, raising US$456,000 from venture capital firm Wavemaker Partners.

30-09-16 Singapore’s Greyloft lands USD 1.1M to build a real estate agency for the digital era

Greyloft has concluded a round of seed funding of SGD 1.5 million (USD 1.1 million) from DSG Consumer Partners, Wavemaker Partners, Cub Capital, Tigris Capital and JFDI.Asia

06-09-16 Singaporean startup Glints has raised USD 2M Series A to help you find a job

Singapore-based job portal startup Glints announced today it has raised a USD 2 million Series A round co-led by Golden Equator Capital and Gobi Partners.

21-12-15 Touchjet Pond - in the "Favorite Things Of 2015" presented by TechCrunch

TechCrunch - one of the most prominent international online publisher of technology industry news - presented a list of the most favorite products of 2015 "Favorite Things Of 2015".

07-12-15 JFDI.Asia Accelerator Showcases 8 Startups At 2015B Demo Day

The eight startups that graduated are a pretty international bunch: Singapore, Russia, China, the US, Israel, and Norway are some of the countries represented.

02-12-15 HaxAsia alumni – Edison Awards 2016 nominees

Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in the world. TouchJet and Smartstones (HaxAsia alumni) – among the nominees of Edison Awards 2016.

09-10-15 Congrats TouchJet and HaxAsia on the successful CF campaign!

Original campaign was 687% funded, almost $700K total funds raised.

27-08-15 FI Campus: how the first session looked like (August 2015)

The first session of the FI Campus was held in Singapore from the 7th to the 15th of August during the celebration of the 50th anniversary and has been devoted to the study of successful development experience of this unique city-state.

21-08-15 JFDI Invests SGD 350,000 in 7 New Startups

Every startup already has products and prototypes ready for customers and all now seek seed funding and a pathway to growth through the accelerator program.

02-05-15 Flocations becomes the first JFDI startup to exit

Online tour package marketplace Flocations has been acquired by Japan’s Venture Republic Group for an undisclosed amount. The Singapore-based startup “Flocations” rose out of JFDI’s incubator program in 2012.

21-04-15 JFDI.Asia alumnus TradeGecko snags $6.5M Series A Round

TradeGecko, a SaaS startup that lets business owners manage inventory and orders without resorting to spreadsheets or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has raised a $6.5 million Series A round. TradeGecko is a JFDI.Asia alumnus from the first 2012A batch.

27-02-15 JFDI.Asia alumnus DataStreamX has closed a S$500,000 (US$368,000) seed round

DataStreamX, a marketplace for real-time data, was founded on the vision that the world is moving towards real-time data processing. DataStreamX is still in the early beta phase, having just graduated from JFDI, Singapore’s premier startup accelerator.

11-02-15 JFDI.Asia alumnus Glints has raised S$475,000 in seed funding

GLINTS, a Singapore startup that has built a platform to match young employees focused on career discovery and development to relevant internship or job opportunities.

27-01-15 3D printing pen CreoPop gets 6-digit investment led by 500 Startups

CreoPop has “commitments” for, more than S$1.2 million (US$892,000) in total. CreoPop specifically will not only bring game changing technology to wider commercial applications, but also into households.

19-01-15 JFDI Asia celebrates its fifth birthday and presents its latest cohort of 12 new startup teams

The new businesses bring JFDI’s portfolio to 50 global startups. Demo Day is attended by a strong showing of over 100 local and global early-stage investors active in Singapore.

01-10-14 Singapore tops "Digital Evolution Index"

The methodology for "The Digital Evolution Index" measures the current ability of countries to deliver on consumer demand and business supply capabilities, in combination with governmental policy and climate for innovation

21-02-14 The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are jumping into the hardware (+ software) space, thanks to the rising speed and flexibility of the manufacturing supply chain, and the decline in costs and risk.

31-01-14 Accenture Technology Vision 2014

For the 2014 report, Accenture researchers and scientists developed hypotheses about information technology developments that they expect to have a significant impact on businesses over the next three to five years.

17-12-13 The IBM "5 in 5"

IBM revealed its predictions for five big innovations that will change our lives within five years.

29-11-13 Big Data - Big Startups

The 40 startups included in the CrunchAnalytics database have raised about $1.35 billion in venture capital from 2006 year.

31-10-13 2013 Emerging Trends Report from MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review made special issue of 2013 Emerging Trend Report for Russian Open Innovations Forum.

23-08-13 Emerging Technologies from Gartner

The 2013 edition of Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies focuses on the evolving relationship between humans and machines.

28-06-13 100+ startup accelerators and incubators in Asia

A comprehensive list - from Australia to Vietnam: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan as a bonus.

31-05-13 Disruptive Technologies from McKinsey

Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy. A report from the McKinsey Global Institute, cuts through the noise and identifies 12 technologies that could drive truly massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years.

30-04-13 Accenture Technology Vision 2013

Every Business Is a Digital Business. Accenture Technology Vision identifies seven trends that should be shaping digital business for the future. Technology is now the underpinning for change and growth. Companies that adopt a new digital mindset will be savvy to this convergence of IT and the business.

15-04-13 MoneyTree: Russia

The third edition of MoneyTreeТМ: Venture Market Navigator (MoneyTreeТМ: Russia), prepared jointly by the PwC Centre for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and Russian Venture Company (RVC) based on the venture market results for 2012.

25-03-13 The Most Innovative Cities in Asia Pacific

The Most Innovative Cities in Asia Pacific is a ranking based on a comprehensive study done by strategic consulting firm Solidiance. Singapore is at the top of the ranking: «Today, Singapore is bold, fast and successful - and Singapore Inc will follow the same path».

04-03-13 50 Disruptive Companies from MIT Technology Review

This package is meant to capture the rich variety of ways that innovations get commercialized. Each company on this list has done something over the past year that will strengthen its hold on a market, challenge the leaders of a market, or create a new market.

28-02-13 RBR50 from Robotics Business Review

A list of the most influential public & private companies in the global robotics industry. Innovation, groundbreaking application, commercial success and commercial potential are the factors used by the Robotics Business Review editorial team to select the RBR50.

04-02-13 50 Most Innovative Countries from Bloomberg

Bloomberg Rankings recently examined more than 200 countries and sovereign regions to determine their innovation quotient. Innovation was measured by seven factors, including R&D intensity, productivity, high-tech density, researcher concentration, manufacturing capability, education levels and patent activity.

25-12-12 The Top 50 Russian Startups

Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH), together with Digital October and PricewaterhouseCoopers’s Center for Technology and Innovation in Russia, introduced their Russian Startup Rating.

15-10-12 The Digital 100: The World’s Most Valuable Private Tech Companies

Business Insider has released their latest “The Digital 100? list, which is the top 100 tech/internet companies according to their estimated valution. The rankings are based on several metrics as Business Insider was including “revenue, users, market opportunities, growth rates, and the perception of investors and tech gurus.

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